derives from the acronym, " Being United Generates Attitude". It's a unity movement that represents people from all walks of life uniting as one to spread positive vibes and energy throughout the world. Lets ALL embrace the BUGA NATION Movement and make history as one.

My family and I initiated the BUGA NATION / Being United Generates Attitude Movement because we recognized the power of unity and the strength that it brings to everyone. Being United Generates Attitude represents the attitude of champions, survivors, perseverance and courage. For example, during a cancer patient's courageous battle, Being United Generates an Attitude of survival. For a sports based team, Being United Generates an Attitude of champions, and for a person or community dealing with adversity, Being United Generates an Attitude of perseverance. The strength behind the words Being United Generates Attitude is what the BUGA NATION MOVEMENT represents and we welcome each and every individual the opportunity to join in!

- Leonard Fournette, BUGA NATION